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Second Sole Mentor specializes in providing one-on-one service to customers pursuing all types of fitness goals. Our staff matches the bio-mechanical needs of our customers with footwear and other products to maximize comfort and performance. We welcome runners, walkers, advice-seekers, and anyone searching for a better fit from shoes. Our staff is comprised of caring athletes who have endured injuries firsthand and who aspire to improve your day-to-day health. For shoes, apparel, and advice, stop by Second Sole Mentor!

  • What is your best shoe?
    While all our staff has his/her favorite shoes, we pride ourselves in letting your body determine what is the best shoe for you.
  • Do you sell walking shoes?
    Nearly all our shoes can accommodate your walking needs. The Second Sole Mentor staff will work to first identify how your body moves and then match that with our footwear selection. Then, you will get the opportunity to try on as many shoes as you'd like. We usually start with four different options. Finally, you will find a shoe that matches how you move, will adapt to your body over time, and will stay in good condition for its whole lifetime.
  • What separates your shoes from other shoes?
    Second Sole Mentor offers premium shoes from all major athletic brands. The models we carry are designed to match a specific type of bio-mechanical movement while featuring the brands' best technologies. Some of our models are only available in specialty running stores like Second Sole Mentor. Finally, with all our shoes come the knowledge of our staff who is eager to answer all your questions.
  • Do you repair shoes?
    We are not able to repair shoes. However, we send anyone who asks for this service to Gomez Shoe Repair located at 7541 Mentor Avenue, building #4 in Mentor, Ohio 44060. You can reach Gomez Shoe Repair at 440-942-7960.
  • What is your fitting process?
    We provide a gait analysis during which we watch you walk without shoes. Additionally, we may have you squat and then use our Aetrex Gaitway Scanner all in an effort to determine what type of shoe matches how you move. Finally, we measaure your feet, checking both length and width before providing you with several footwear options.
  • How long should my shoes last?
    Our brands tell us your shoes should last about 400 miles or six months of continous use. Some people experience longer or shorter lifetimes.
  • What is Second Sole Mentor's Return Policy?
    After purchase, you have 14 days to return an item for a full refund in the form you initially paid. From day 15 days to 31 days after purchase, you can receive store credit or an exchange. To earn any refund, you'll need an original receipt and packaging.
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